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Initial email consultation is free of charge or commitment. I would love to hear your ideas and see any images that inspire you. I will provide you with a provisional quote, and we may meet in person to discuss the design further.


Once we have finalised ideas, if you decide to proceed, we will go shopping together for a flattering fabric in order to offer you the broadest range of possibilities and to help ensure the best finished result, as some fabrics may drape and wear better than others. Your own fabrics and trimmings will be considered, subject to suitability. If you are short on time or the sort of person that hates shopping, I can provide you with a selection of fabric samples to choose from instead. Where distance is a factor, swatches can be mailed.


I will create a pattern based on your measurements and make your garment or a prototype first. We will then have one or more fittings, as necessary. We will spend as long as it takes to get it right, so that you are pleased with the outcome.

Ordinarily, I would like to deliver your costume in person or have you come collect it, so that I can see it on you to make any final adjustments.